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Kids and Video Games

Many kids play video games. Alfred Adler theorized that if you want to understand children watch them play. He and others indicated that play is to children as work is to adults. Adler and others emphasized the positive aspects of play. Here are some of the skills and attitudes that may have been developed through playing video games: 1) I am working in an environment that invites me to set and achieve goals, 2) I can start over when I make a mistake, 3) I can start over as many times as I want, 4) I can take a break if frustrating or discouraged and return to the task, 5) I work in an environment that invites problem solving and solution seeking, 6) I can work alone to seek solutions and solve problems, 7) I can work with others to seek solutions and solve problems, 8) I work in an environment where I use my eyes, ears, and hands at the same time, 9) I can control the speed and direction and volume of the game, 10) I can teach others the skills that I have learned, 11) I can encourage others as they set goals, solve problems, and seek solutions, 12) I can empathize with others as they face challenges and overcome them, 13) I can seek new directions, I can accept the challenge of adaption and adjustment in an evolving environment, and 14) I can employ auditory, visual, and kinesthetic processes to solve problems. This post was written by Wes Wingett, PhD

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