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The Law of the Low Doorway

This principle demonstrates the practical, natural, and sensible utility of Adlerian theory. There is a method for everything in life and to solve any problem we must find the right one. There are two ways, for instance, of trying to pass through a doorway only five feet high. One of them is to walk erect, and the other is to bend one's back. If I try the first method, I not only bump my head on the lintel but have to fall back upon the second method after all.

I call this the law of the low doorway. Nothing compels me to stoop, but if I do not realize the relation between my height and the aperture I cannot possibly pass through it. We stand in an equally definite relation to the critical personal problems of life. If we do not realize the fact and adapt our method accordingly we come into collision with reality (p. 55). Alfred Adler, M.D. (1870-1937), Problems of Neurosis: A Book of Case Histories, 1929, 1964, Pp. 55 *thanks for Carroll R. Thomas, PhD for this contribution

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